Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Top Dress Trends For Your Bridal Party recently ran a feature on their top trends for formal dresses.  The list was made up of 13 categories of which we have chosen our favorite examples to share with you.  If you are looking for dress styles that will keep your bridal party (and yourself!) looking classy and current, then take notes...

Kate Beckinsale                                          Eva Mendes                                           Ashley Olsen
The one-shoulder dress is timeless, sophisticated, and looks great on all bust sizes.  The large yet subtle pattern on the printed strapless dress adds a flare that will stand the test of time.  A column gown is sleek, yet best for tall or slender figures.

Vanessa Hudgens                                    Olivia Wilde                                        Anne Hathaway
Rosettes add romance and whimsy, especially when used on soft palette gowns. This ethereal gown in particular is extremely feminine and classy for a bridesmaid or even a bride. Embellished necklines fancy up your bridal party for instant red carpet appeal.
Anne Hathaway                                  Taylor Momsen                                       Malin Akerman
Having each of your girls wear a different gown in coordinating primary colors adds a very "Sex-And-The-City" glam to your bridal party. We love this option for a smaller bridal party. More than four girls at the alter in a rainbow of colors will cause too much distraction and theme chaos! 

Freida Pinto                                           JoAnna Garcia                                       Carrie Underwood
If you have chosen a mini dress for your bridesmaids, be sure the neckline isn't too revealing to keep their look sophisticated.  If you're going with a floral gown, try a larger, non-repetitive pattern to steer away from the casual "sundress" look.  Metallic bead dresses are a fun reception dress option for you to wear as a reception dress and wow your guests with your wardrobe change!

Eva Mendes                                     Olga Kuylenko                                     Cameron Diaz
Retro styles have definitely made a comeback, just be sure your dress selection isn't too costumey. Mermaid dresses are bursting with drama and feminine flair making them perfect for an evening wedding.  Choosing the right color pink for your gals to wear can make or break their entire look.  Too bubblegum, too Pepto, bright... we think that Cameron's selection was right on the money!


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