Monday, December 16, 2013

FLE Update: 3 "Little" Things

In this holiday season of cherished time with family and friends, I wanted to share a piece of my family with you all along with a little update.

Blake Ryan - 1 week old - Photo Credit: Loretta Hoover

1 Just what have "we" been up to?  Four Leaf Events has taken a break from weddings this past season and for a very special reason (we'll get to that). This year I have been serving on the board for Wish Upon A Wedding and remained very involved in the wedding community. During this time our dear Jaimee has jumped industry professions and has been pursuing her photography passion with the beautiful Jennifer Driscoll Photography!  But don't be surprised if you see her around here every now and then... We love her too much to let her go entirely.

2 The reason for my much needed break this season is my pride and joy baby Blake! He burst into our lives on March 4th and has consumed every joy-filled minute since then.  He is a spirited, red-headed replica of my husband bringing smiles to everyone he encounters.  Blake is 2 months and 4 teeth older now, but here is a glimpse of our little bug at 7 months old!

[All photo credit: Loretta Hoover]

3 What is next for Four Leaf Events? More! (On the business end, that is, not babies just yet.) We are currently working on big updates to the FLE brand and how we serve you. We will be taking on a select number of clients for this upcoming 2014 season. As usual our focus will be on quality of service, not weddings-by-numbers. I am looking forward to working, sharing, and growing with you in 2014!

Merry Christmas!
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