Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Five Romantic Ideas For Your Wedding

Romance seems to be a resounding theme of every wedding, and rightfully so!  So how do you crank up the romance factor as you and your new spouse make the ultimate commitment to love? We at Four Leaf Events have compiled a list the top five romantic moments and details we have personally seen at a wedding over the recent years to inspire you.  

I will have to admit this first tip comes straight from the storybook of my own wedding.  There is something magical that happens when evening comes and romance seems to burst alive.  The anticipation of waiting to marry my husband until sunset not only made my wedding day more relaxed, but also very fulfilling.  I was able to take in every moment.  The evening chill welcomed guests to snuggle close under the dim street lights and the candle-lined aisle.  Whether your evening ceremony is indoors or outdoors, there is something truly special about the quiet and stillness of the night.

Anna and Kedric promised their lives to each other through traditional vows, yet nothing was more touching than the personal love letters they read to each other during their August ceremony.  Their guests were touched by the readings as their true love for one another became perfectly obvious.  Couples writing their own vows often times get caught up in expressing their love through beautiful words that they forget the promises for the future.  The best practice would be to stick with traditional vows that suit you as a couple and read separate love letters to express your undying love.

The sound of a single instrument echoing through a church hall as a bride makes her way down the aisle causes a hush in the audience like a dream sequence in a movie.  Caleb tunneled in on his bride Loretta walking toward him as a solo violinist played Trumpet Voluntary during their wedding last summer.  No flashy distractions, just a groom and his bride.  Choose an instrument that moves you the most.  Popular choices have been guitar, violin, cello, piano, and even trumpet.

Sure dinner by candlelit seems obvious, but we are talking about more than just a few votives scattered on the table.  Linsey and Justin had their wedding in the heat of a Texas summer storm, causing the power to go out at the reception hall just before the guests arrived.  What else was there to do besides light the entire room with nothing but candles!  This last minute alteration created an intimate and crazy romantic atmosphere that the guests and the new couple would never forget.

During a marriage it is important to remember to do continue doing the things that you did to win over your spouse in the beginning.  What better time to start this practice than on your wedding day?  Whether it be through a gift delivered pre-ceremony, a stolen moment during the ceremony, a surprise performance at the reception, or a secretly planned honeymoon afterwards, the gesture will not go unnoticed as an act of true love.  Bring on the romance and be the one who sweeps them off their feet for all to see!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

FLE Anniversary: Caleb & Loretta

Happy Fourth of July weekend everyone!  We have a very special Four Leaf Events anniversary for you today.  Loretta and Caleb were married last year over the holiday weekend in Noblesville, Indiana.  The tiny old church, historic buildings, country backdrop, and intimate reception could not have been more perfect for a Fourth of July family gathering.

We loved having creative freedom while working with the couple's fantastic vendors which included our vendor buddies Nathaniel Edmunds Photography, bouquets by the sweetest Royal Creations, yummy food by Dodd's Catering, Ace Party Rental, and Forest Park.

A single violinist played the bridal party and bride down the aisle.  In a church as small and old as this one, that simple sound made a beautiful statement.

Four Leaf Events Money Saving Tip:  The reception details were created from recycled green wine bottles collected from family and friends throughout the course of their engagement.  The gorgeous green hydrangea was gathered from a friend's garden the day before.  Very budget savvy!

Bonus Tip:  The couple served a summery and refreshing non-alcoholic signature drink to their guests before dinner. 

The wine bottle theme continued with custom labels on the serving wine that included a picture of the couple and their logo.

A wonderful thing about getting married over Fourth of July weekend is all of the fireworks that are sure be be around as your evening comes to an end.  Caleb and Loretta were serenaded with an orchestra of fireworks from all around town as they rode to their hotel at the end of the night.  Very romantic!

Caleb & Loretta
July 3rd, 2010

Happy One Year Anniversary, Loretta & Caleb!!!  I love you and miss you and wish you nothing but an endless lifetime of happiness... and lots of babies soon! =)

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