Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May's Flower: Lilies of the Valley and Hawthorns

May flowers are here! And as they begin to usher in the warmth of summer, we have two special flowers that belong to the month of May. If we consider the old saying, "April showers bring May flowers," one might find it interesting that the two flowers unique to May are rarely seen in wedding schemes. First, we have the lily of the valley, which means purity, humility, and sweetness, according to meaning-of-flowers.com, and given the recent spotlight they were given by the Duchess, we will probably see much more of them in future. They create a regal and whimsical feeling with their draping flow. And let's face it. If Kate had them, I want them. The second flower is the hawthorne, which means strong and powerful. Seeing them in bouquets and centerpieces is even rarer, but the way I see it, all the more reason to choose them! Their presence in your wedding would make your day that much more unique!

Lily of the Valley

Photo from Yours Moment

Bouquet by Wedding Dream

Happy wedding planning!


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