Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Catering Creations

There is a catering craze on the uprise that I am simply crazy about: interactive food stations!  While the idea of food stations in lieu of a standard catering line is nothing new, caterers have become more creative about how they serve and what they serve your guests.

Thomas Caterers of Distinction has raised the bar once again for catering in Indianapolis.  I have always enjoyed their plated meals at weddings (hello, carrot souffle!), but I was recently blown away at the Snappening.com Launch Party at the always fabulous D'Amore event space.  

If you are planning a cocktail and hors d'oeuvre reception, imagine your guests mingling from station to station of artistically displayed miniature snacks.  Thomas offers a wide range of creative and unique "minis" such as my 3 favorites:

          -Mini Tacos served alongside Mini Margaritas
          -Mini Grilled Cheese Wedges on Tomato Soup Shooters
          -Bite-sized Meatloaf & Mashed Potato Pancakes (your entire meal in one bite!)

The desserts at the launch party seemed to be the hit of the evening and the true interactive stations.  Thomas had servers roasting s'mores on clothes pins, PB&J Nitro Pops crafted and frozen before your eyes, and the most entertaining was the caramel corn smoker pops dipped in dry ice.  Brides and grooms could build an entire dessert reception based off of creative treats that will leave guests surprised and enthused.  Champagne Pop Rock Push Ups anyone? 

Rather than only leaving you hungry for lunch, I would like to invite you to be original and have some fun when you choose your menu.  Your guests will thank you and you will be happy for any even more unforgettable day!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

FLE Anniversary: Catie & David

Since the Four Leaf Events blog is so new, there are several very special weddings that I did not get to post right after they happened.  Catie and David's wedding was at the top of my list!  This is one of the happiest couples that I have ever worked with (maybe because they had waited about 8 years to finally get married!).  

The couple's very traditional style was a constant theme throughout and reminded me of every young girl's dream.  My favorite touch was the cookie favors.  Catie has always been "famous" for her "Catie Cookies," so it was fitting to for each guest to receive a bag of 2 cookies with a sweet thank you for being a key ingredient in their lives.  Unfortunately the photographer was not willing to supply photographs for my post, so all I have to share is this Instagram'd snapshot of the couple's beautiful smiling faces.

David & Catie
May 29th, 2009

Congratulations on 2 years, Catie and David!!!  Sending lots of love to North Carolina!  
P.S. I accept "Catie Cookies" any day of the week! =)  


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Antiquing For A Unique Wedding

There are so many things brides do to make their wedding unique while maintaining a budget, regardless of what their budget is.  My college roommate wanted to do a Candy Bar where wedding guests could fill a little bag of candy to take home as a favor.  We were going to school in Missouri, and her mom lived in New York, and together, they were planning a wedding that would take place in Texas.  States apart, they would visit local antique shops, flee markets, and Good Wills for clear, glass vases.  They bought vases in all shapes and sizes and filled them with beautiful, colorful candy.  Antiquing, as we call it, is a fabulous way to ensure your wedding is unique, and it was also a great bonding activity that she shared with her mother, as they would always send pictures of their latest purchases to each other.

*Special thanks to Mandy Bonds for allowing us to use the beautiful pictures she captured of this special day.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

FLE Royal Wedding Party

  Two nights ago, we arrived at the party house without a clue of what the night before us held.  Four Leaf Events', Jen Barnette, created the most beautiful evening for guests.  The royal wedding viewing party was more than I could have imagined it to be.  The sapphire engagement ring's deep blue was the inspiration for the evening. Upon entering the house, the living room was transformed into a "wedding aisle," and it is here that we would watch Princess Diana's wedding as an appetizer, and would later watch the wedding of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding.  A table was set up to hold replica sapphire and diamond rings that were given to guests as party favors.  The signature drinks of the night were called "Kate-tails," and were colored sapphire blue with sugared rims to look like the ring when viewed from above.  Wedding portraits of every sovereign, dating back to Queen Victoria and Prince Edward and also included Charles and Diana's, were hung on the wall.  And as a photographer and journalist from the Associated Press crept quietly in the background, the evening was magical.  The wedding cake was simple and beautiful, the food was delicate and delicious, and the memories are priceless.  

What wedding would be complete without a picture of the shoes?  Granted it's usually the bride's shoes that are photographed, but I think ours were pretty fabulous too. 

Breakfast was more than any of us could handle, complete with scones, fresh fruit, homemade banana bread, and fresh-squeezed orange juice!

We sipped tea and watched the royal ceremony in our pajamas and matching William and Kate t-shirts.

English breakfast tea topped off the morning in assorted, vintage teacups.

The official royal invitations and Jen's creations.

 Below is the invitation, inspired by the royal invitations and Jen's unique RSVP card. For more information on how you can have your own unique creation, click here.

A few of the girls from the evening.

Now that the royal wedding is over, what will we spend all our time obsessing over?  We have some big things on the horizon at Four Leaf Events, so keep checking back to stay updated!  I don't want to give TOO much away, but think "water"....and "elephants!!!"

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