Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Top Dress Trends For Your Bridal Party recently ran a feature on their top trends for formal dresses.  The list was made up of 13 categories of which we have chosen our favorite examples to share with you.  If you are looking for dress styles that will keep your bridal party (and yourself!) looking classy and current, then take notes...

Kate Beckinsale                                          Eva Mendes                                           Ashley Olsen
The one-shoulder dress is timeless, sophisticated, and looks great on all bust sizes.  The large yet subtle pattern on the printed strapless dress adds a flare that will stand the test of time.  A column gown is sleek, yet best for tall or slender figures.

Vanessa Hudgens                                    Olivia Wilde                                        Anne Hathaway
Rosettes add romance and whimsy, especially when used on soft palette gowns. This ethereal gown in particular is extremely feminine and classy for a bridesmaid or even a bride. Embellished necklines fancy up your bridal party for instant red carpet appeal.
Anne Hathaway                                  Taylor Momsen                                       Malin Akerman
Having each of your girls wear a different gown in coordinating primary colors adds a very "Sex-And-The-City" glam to your bridal party. We love this option for a smaller bridal party. More than four girls at the alter in a rainbow of colors will cause too much distraction and theme chaos! 

Freida Pinto                                           JoAnna Garcia                                       Carrie Underwood
If you have chosen a mini dress for your bridesmaids, be sure the neckline isn't too revealing to keep their look sophisticated.  If you're going with a floral gown, try a larger, non-repetitive pattern to steer away from the casual "sundress" look.  Metallic bead dresses are a fun reception dress option for you to wear as a reception dress and wow your guests with your wardrobe change!

Eva Mendes                                     Olga Kuylenko                                     Cameron Diaz
Retro styles have definitely made a comeback, just be sure your dress selection isn't too costumey. Mermaid dresses are bursting with drama and feminine flair making them perfect for an evening wedding.  Choosing the right color pink for your gals to wear can make or break their entire look.  Too bubblegum, too Pepto, bright... we think that Cameron's selection was right on the money!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blooming With Color

Spring is finally here and color is on the brain... wedding color schemes to be more precise.  Choosing the right colors for your wedding is sometimes one of the bravest decisions you will make as a bride.  You will have to decide what colors will work well with each other, with the venue, on your bridesmaids, for the season and still not take the attention away from you and your groom.  So how DO you decide?

The Perfect Palette Blog is one of my favorite resources for finding, well, the perfect palette!  This blog allows you to search by color to find other colors that go together in blissful harmony.  You will also find inspiration boards with gorgeous pictures from real weddings that feature all of the colors in your scheme.  Can't decide on a color to get you started?  Browse their palette library to search gobs of inspiration boards that are bound to get you on track.

Another great resource is BBJ Linen, or any linen company for that matter, and their virtual design center .  Matching your shades to what is available in linen rentals will help you to pick a shade that is easier to match with other details in your wedding.  Oftentimes you can get sample swatches of your linen colors to have with you when you are picking out paper products, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, jewelry, etc.  No mismatching or clashing colors at your wedding!

Of course, Four Leaf Events loves assisting in color selection and overall design of your big day.  CONTACT US to see what we can create for you!  


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucky Wedding Details

Today we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and, as I am sure many of you can guess, my favorite part about today are the four leaf clovers (I'm sporting an excessive 3 today)!  I love the shape of the four leaf clover as a symbol of faith, hope, love, and luck, of which it takes all four to succeed in life.  So why not tie this symbol of good tidings into the day you join in a new life with your groom?  

These details do not have to be "Irish-y" or "St. Patrick's Day-ish" and can be incorporated into your event without it being an overwhelming theme.  A four leaf clover charm can be added to a bouquet, a bracelet or necklace, a garter, or even a bustle.  Cuff-links are a classic way to use four leaf clovers and a special touch if the groom has Irish roots!  Or you could spread the luck to your guests by adding a crafty fabric or real four leaf clover at their place-setting.   

Here's to being lucky in love!


Friday, March 4, 2011

Top 3 Everlasting Bouquets

With spring around the corner, wedding season will be in full bloom and so will the bouquets. But this season, consider a more quirky, unique bouquet that we like to call "everlasting bouquets," because they last beyond the wedding. Made of nonperishable materials, these are the ultimate keepsakes to remember your special day. Not to mention, they are BEAUTIFUL! Here are my top three favorite kinds of everlasting bouquets.

These would be perfect for a destination wedding, or perhaps for a bride who just wants to bring an element of the beach to her. Whatever the case, shells are a fantastic touch.

Feathers are an incredibly chic and sassy alternative to flowers. And to keep the bouquet within the everlasting guidelines, try using silk flowers to compliment the feathers rather than fresh flowers.
Feather Bouquets by Emplume, via Modern Wedding

And if you feel that a full feather bouquet is too much for you, use feathers to simply accent your bouquet.

And last, but certainly not least, my favorite kind of everlasting bouquet: the brooch bouquet. It is beautiful, can be tailored to suit a bride specifically, can be sentimental, and did I already say beautiful? Finally, I've found a fantastic use for my great-great-grandmother's old brooches!

And how about this gorgeous creation? Incorporating fabric flowers, feathers AND garnet brooches! It is, in my opinion, the ultimate, exquisite everlasting bouquet.

Flowers are classic. There is no doubt about that. But everlasting bouquets are fun! This is your day, so be creative and do what you want to do! The possibilities are endless.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fresh Picked Fabric Boutonnieres

While I love the look of the Fred-Astaire-classic floral boutonniere, the modern groom seems to be searching for something less traditional and I am all for it!  Coordinating pocket squares is a rich and simple way to dress up the men in your bridal party without pinning on the garden.  If you love the look of a flower on the lapel, then check out my top pick of fabric boutonnieres featured on Martha Stewart Weddings' Best Boutonnieres Gallery:

If you love these looks and you weren't born with the crafting gene, then our creative services can help!  Contact Four Leaf Events to find out how we can stitch, pin, glue, cut, and sew your visions into fruition.

Looking for something more quirky for your groom?  Then skootch on over to April Foster's blog on unique custom boutonnieres.  (We both so happened to have our brains on the same topic today!)

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