Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blooming With Color

Spring is finally here and color is on the brain... wedding color schemes to be more precise.  Choosing the right colors for your wedding is sometimes one of the bravest decisions you will make as a bride.  You will have to decide what colors will work well with each other, with the venue, on your bridesmaids, for the season and still not take the attention away from you and your groom.  So how DO you decide?

The Perfect Palette Blog is one of my favorite resources for finding, well, the perfect palette!  This blog allows you to search by color to find other colors that go together in blissful harmony.  You will also find inspiration boards with gorgeous pictures from real weddings that feature all of the colors in your scheme.  Can't decide on a color to get you started?  Browse their palette library to search gobs of inspiration boards that are bound to get you on track.

Another great resource is BBJ Linen, or any linen company for that matter, and their virtual design center .  Matching your shades to what is available in linen rentals will help you to pick a shade that is easier to match with other details in your wedding.  Oftentimes you can get sample swatches of your linen colors to have with you when you are picking out paper products, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, jewelry, etc.  No mismatching or clashing colors at your wedding!

Of course, Four Leaf Events loves assisting in color selection and overall design of your big day.  CONTACT US to see what we can create for you!  


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