Monday, October 11, 2010

A Bite Of Tradition

Yesterday my husband Brandon & I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! It was filled with romance and flowers and birds chirping and double rainbows and of course, the traditions.

The top tier of our wedding cake has been in a box filling up half of our freezer for a year and I could not wait another moment to get it out of there! I let it thaw the day before and even put a cheap bride and groom on the top (since ours was a family antique). B and I toasted out of our toasting flutes and set up the camera to take pictures of ourselves reenacting the cutting of the cake and took an eager bite.

The result? We both immediately spit out the bite of cake into the trash can! It tasted like everything we have ever put in our freezer mixed with a hint of vanilla cake. Fearlessly I tried a piece from the center of the cake and it was actually very good!

I recently read up on the traditions of wedding cakes. I had forgotten the belief that if a single girl sleeps with a piece of wedding cake under her pillow, then she will have sweet dreams of her future spouse. What a fun treat to pass out in decorated boxes to your single gal pals at your wedding! Perhaps I will mail a piece of my cake topper to my sister.... and maybe my brother, too.

Will you be saving the top layer of your cake? This tradition seems a bit wasteful and unnecessary, but I am a sentimental nut so this was a great way to remember that amazing day!
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