Thursday, June 7, 2012

June: Roses

The month of June is the most popular for weddings, so it stands to reason that this month's flower is the rose. Being such a common love flower, this is a perfect occassion to take the color into consideration as each color represents something specific. So I turned to the trusty to see how the meanings differed in color. Take a look at what the colors mean and how you might incorporate the meaning into your own wedding scheme.


Light Pink: grace, gentility, perfect happiness
Photo by  Taylor Jackson Photography bouquet by  Stemz via Canadian Bride

Dark Pink: thank you or thankfulness

Pale Pink: admiration, grace, joy

Orange: Enthusiasm or Desire

White: Charm, wisdom, secrecy, silence, reverence, humility, youthfulness, innocence

Yellow: infidelity, joy, gladness, friendship, jealousy, 

Peach: immortality, sincerity, gratitude

My personal favorites are pale pink and peach. They add such a romantic, whimsical element and I love the idea of their meanings. Weddings are obviously supposed to be about love, but the added meanings of grace, joy, admiration, and sincerity seem just as appropriate. Have fun, and make your wedding day uniquely you!

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