Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucky Wedding Details

Today we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and, as I am sure many of you can guess, my favorite part about today are the four leaf clovers (I'm sporting an excessive 3 today)!  I love the shape of the four leaf clover as a symbol of faith, hope, love, and luck, of which it takes all four to succeed in life.  So why not tie this symbol of good tidings into the day you join in a new life with your groom?  

These details do not have to be "Irish-y" or "St. Patrick's Day-ish" and can be incorporated into your event without it being an overwhelming theme.  A four leaf clover charm can be added to a bouquet, a bracelet or necklace, a garter, or even a bustle.  Cuff-links are a classic way to use four leaf clovers and a special touch if the groom has Irish roots!  Or you could spread the luck to your guests by adding a crafty fabric or real four leaf clover at their place-setting.   

Here's to being lucky in love!


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