Monday, January 16, 2012

Six Golden Globes Trends

Last night, the Golden Globes brought us a beautiful night of fashion.  Most of the dresses fell into one of several categories: deep, rich jewel tones, black, and muted pastel tones, among a few others. Some of these girls knocked it out of the park while others missed.  I'll let you decide for yourself who did what. As you browse, imagine these gorgeous dresses starring in your own wedding-once we find look-alikes, unless of course, your budget for the big day includes designer gowns for the wedding party.  Enjoy!






It was a fun night for fashion and a great look into what the year 2012 holds for red carpet glamour!  All of the women looked beautiful, even if it was in their own "special" way...but a few really stood out to me.  Dianna Agron's red lace Giles Deacon dress was so beautiful, and Dame Helen Mirren was demure and classy in her sapphire Badgley Mischka gown. Salma Hayek wowed, showing off her amazing body in a black Gucci gown with gold embellishment on the bodice, and Zooey Deschanel was adorably cute in her black Prada gown with a punch of neon green. Charlize Theron looked absolutely stunning in her Dior Couture dress with a thigh high slit and of all the headbands worn last night, her 1920 Cartier collection headband was TO DIE FOR. Jessica Chastain looked gorgeous in her Givenchy gown and dripping in Harry Winston jewels. And last but certainly not least, Jessica Alba's soft berry hued Gucci dress was striking when the spotlight hit it, and she looked fantastic!--let's not forget she had her second baby just five months ago!  

Oh how we love awards season! So if you fell in love with any of these dresses and totally pictured something like it starring in your own wedding, give it a week or two and knockoffs will be everywhere.  Until then, head over to The Huffington Post and rate your favorite dresses!  And remember, take a few cues from these ladies but make sure your big day is YOU!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January's Flower: Carnation

Every month has a special flower, just like every month has a birthstone. When planning your wedding, it might be fun to incorporate your wedding month's flower into your wedding scheme. Or perhaps you'd like to use the flowers from the birth months of you and your partner, parents, grandparents, etc. So to start out the new year, we'll highlight January's flower: the carnation. Often overlooked in bouquets, taking the backseat to more exotic flowers, the carnation can be incredibly beautiful and budget friendly when used as the main attraction. And according to the creatively named website,, there are different meanings to the different colored flowers. And while most people don't take the meaning of the color of a flower into consideration when planning their wedding, it could add a special, meaningful detail. However, if the color of your flower doesn't mean what you want it to whatever you want. It's YOUR wedding day!

Yellow: Rejection and Disdain

White: Innocence, Pure Love, Sweet Love

Red: Admiration

Purple: Antipathy

Pink: Longing

Using carnations in both bouquets and centerpieces is a great way to keep your budget in check, and they create a look that is unique and lush for your special day. You might even consider making the unique floral arrangements for your special day yourself, but we'll save that for later. 


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