Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blake's 1st Birthday Party!

Every once in awhile it is fun to step out of the pretty little wedding industry box to plan something completely different.  So when my son turned one, I knew I wanted to throw a bright and lively party to match his personality.  

Unfortunately, our family all came down with our first major sickness in over a year just a few days before the party!  And although the party was postponed 24 hours, food plans were rearranged, and our little "party animal" was still in recovery mode, the day was full of fun memories.

[All Photo Credit:  Jaimee Moran]

Blake hated the cake and hated being messy.  This is him literally gagging on my baking. 


A very special THANK YOU to our dear Jaimee for rocking the party photos!  And our deepest apologies to the third of the guests who also received the nasty "party bug."  The day wouldn't have been the same without each of you there.


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