Saturday, May 28, 2011

Antiquing For A Unique Wedding

There are so many things brides do to make their wedding unique while maintaining a budget, regardless of what their budget is.  My college roommate wanted to do a Candy Bar where wedding guests could fill a little bag of candy to take home as a favor.  We were going to school in Missouri, and her mom lived in New York, and together, they were planning a wedding that would take place in Texas.  States apart, they would visit local antique shops, flee markets, and Good Wills for clear, glass vases.  They bought vases in all shapes and sizes and filled them with beautiful, colorful candy.  Antiquing, as we call it, is a fabulous way to ensure your wedding is unique, and it was also a great bonding activity that she shared with her mother, as they would always send pictures of their latest purchases to each other.

*Special thanks to Mandy Bonds for allowing us to use the beautiful pictures she captured of this special day.


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