Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Royally Classic

The royal wedding invitations were sent out last Thursday and 1,900 lucky guests around the world are finding their personal copies in the mail this week.  While I am accepting the fact that mine may get lost indefinitely in the mail, I can't help but imagine what it would be like to open that particular piece of mail.  

The grandeur of this simple invitation with beveled and gilded edges (that means it is literally covered in gold, people!) represents something very regal and instantly creates great anticipation for those chosen guests.  Why not take a cue from the royal family and create a wedding invitation that will leave your guests wanting more?  Even though most of us cannot afford to use pure gold on an invitation, there are still many other ways to make yours stand out. 

Paper quality is the number one element for making a good first impression through the mail.  Create your own royal crest by using a custom logo or monogram that will add elite status to your invitations and your entire event.  Remember, mailing addresses and guests' names should always be handwritten and adds that all-important personal touch.  Pick out several lesser valued postal stamps for your mailing envelope for a foreign, vintage feel.

These simple touches will transform any invitation from something basic to something royally classic!

Happy Planning!   Jen

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