Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In Love With: Flipbooks

Four Leaf Events totally loves Indy Photo Booths flipbooks!  We have all seen the photo booth sprouting up at events everywhere over the past several years.  And while photo booths are classic, the flipbook has taken the experience to a new level.
Indy Photo Booths offers your guests seven seconds in front of the camera where they can strike poses, act out scenes, be playful with props while 30 snapshots capture every move.  Then, like magic, a bound booklet appears containing all of the pictures in sequence when you flip through the pages!  Indy Photo Booths will even add a custom cover for the flipbooks created at your event.
We think the flipbook is a completely genius way to keep your guests involved and having fun creating a memory they can take home with them.  I have seen some flipbook sessions get pretty exciting and their reactions to the books are hilarious!



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