Monday, February 6, 2012

February's Flower: Violets and Primroses

The month of February has two flowers that it can call its own: the violet and the primrose. The violet is a small, dainty flower that adds a vintage feel to a bouquet, especially when the entire bouquet is made up of violets. And referring again to the site,, the violet means "simplicity and modesty."  It's a beautiful and elegant touch to any arrangement.

The second flower is the primrose. This beautiful flower means "wealth and success".  To put a more creative spin on incorporating the month's flower into your special day, consider using the flower as a more functional part of your wedding. For example, Anna Whitford makes these beautifully elegant ring pillows that come in several different styles including the "daisy," "dahlia," "gerbera," "primrose," and "waterlily."  But for the sake of highlighting February's flower, we'll just look at the "primrose." The pillow below is the "primrose" in dusky pink and gold, and it is beautiful, but what is so great about these pillows is, Anna Whitford makes each pillow to order, so it can be as unique as you are.
Ring Pillow by Anna Whitford

Or perhaps a subtle, yet romantic way to include your flower is in a whimsical bolero to wear over your dress. This bolero is by BHLDN, and it is gorgeous.

The main thing to remember while planning your wedding is to have fun and make it you!


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