Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January's Flower: Carnation

Every month has a special flower, just like every month has a birthstone. When planning your wedding, it might be fun to incorporate your wedding month's flower into your wedding scheme. Or perhaps you'd like to use the flowers from the birth months of you and your partner, parents, grandparents, etc. So to start out the new year, we'll highlight January's flower: the carnation. Often overlooked in bouquets, taking the backseat to more exotic flowers, the carnation can be incredibly beautiful and budget friendly when used as the main attraction. And according to the creatively named website,, there are different meanings to the different colored flowers. And while most people don't take the meaning of the color of a flower into consideration when planning their wedding, it could add a special, meaningful detail. However, if the color of your flower doesn't mean what you want it to whatever you want. It's YOUR wedding day!

Yellow: Rejection and Disdain

White: Innocence, Pure Love, Sweet Love

Red: Admiration

Purple: Antipathy

Pink: Longing

Using carnations in both bouquets and centerpieces is a great way to keep your budget in check, and they create a look that is unique and lush for your special day. You might even consider making the unique floral arrangements for your special day yourself, but we'll save that for later. 


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