Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All In A Row

Ok, I must admit, I love banquet tables at weddings!  There is something so intimate and yet, at the same time, very regal about guests all sitting together at one or a few main tables.

Oftentimes, using banquet tables can be a space saver as well as budget savvy.  Round tables are traditional for most weddings, however, when you consider the number of centerpieces per table, things start to add up.  Spreading out a few large centerpieces on long tables can not only save you tons of cash, but it also creates an effortless design element to your décor.  Consider how your guests will feel when they notice they are not stuck at “the singles only table” or “the random work invites table,” but rather seated at the same table as the rest of your friends and family.  

Four Leaf Events loves all things wedding, so whether your table is round, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, or pear-shaped (are we talking about tables or diamonds?), your reception will be beautiful when it reflects you and your new mister.


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